When aging is not decline









Prepare to witness a funny and poignant generational melt down:


This video is a part of the new #DisruptAging campaign by AARP, which aims to have people, “let go of their outdated beliefs and embrace the idea that aging is not about decline – it’s about growth.”

Aging is not about decline, it’s about growth.

Dr. Gillian Gill, noted biographer and professor, discovered this to be true when she had just lost her husband. She envisioned her life becoming smaller, retiring, spending more time in her garden. Then she was offered an opportunity to write a biography about a renowned 19th century Christian healer, Mary Baker Eddy.

At first Dr. Gill thought she would turn down the offer. Though not knowing much about Eddy, she decided to do a little research. Mary Baker Eddy’s life spoke to her to not give up. Gill imagined that with age one’s scope of interest would decline. But instead of declining from midlife on, Eddy’s range of activity and accomplishment multiplied as the decades passed!

She decided after all to write the biography to discover how Eddy did it. In a 1999 interview after the book was published, Gill said she saw “There was a double focus of practice and prayer worked out in Mary Baker Eddy’s life.”

Growth, spiritual growth, led Eddy to heal those who turned to her for prayer, author 17 books, start a pulitzer prize winning newspaper – The Christian Science Monitor – and found a worldwide church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Gill writes, “One of the secrets of Mary Baker Eddy’s astonishing life was, I believe…to let go of the past. As the events receded, she could look toward the future, with her energies unchecked by past failures.”

We all have the ability to #DisruptAging.

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