Steep cost of hate completely erased by love

Recently, I ran across this fantastic article called “Steep cost of hate completely erased by love” written by my Texan colleague, Keith Wommack.  The story he shared with a message of forgiveness and hope spoke to me, and I hope it will speak to you as well.  Enjoy!


@Glowimages: Portrait of a boy smiling

@Glowimages: Portrait of a boy smiling

Hate is a cattle prod.  It finally nudges some over the brink to commit the kind of violent acts that have shocked us recently, both foreign and domestic.

You and I might know we’d never get pushed that far.  But what if we are nursing some unyielding disdain of our own?  Are we then helping to create a loveless environment ripe for justifying crime?

Experts and pundits might disagree on the answer to that, but what if we turned the question on its head and asked if rooting out hatred from our thinking can have a positive impact beyond our own peace of mind?

Besides it being a cattle prod, hate is a poison, and its antidote needs to be a remedy that reaches thought and radically transforms it.  And I have found prayer to be such an antidote, for certain forms of prayer steer and mold thought in a way which can, in turn, heal the body.

A friend’s experience shows both hate’s disturbing effects and how prayer can trigger a transformation.

Pat was a Registered Nurse and a new mother.  Unfortunately, her newborn son was paralyzed on his right side.  He also had a large tumor on his neck.  Doctors told Pat he wouldn’t live very long.  In order to care for him while he was still alive, Pat brought her son home.

But she also had something else on her mind…

To read the full article in the Houston Chronicle, click here.


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