Can You Think Your Way To Better Health?

My colleague, Steven Salt, recently wrote this short piece that I wanted to share with you all.  He writes about the need to dig a little deeper and have a more substantive approach to health than just a good attitude and positive thinking.  As he points out, “You simply can’t skimp on quality thinking and sound reasoning when it comes to well-being.” I love the message he shares and I hope you will too!

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“Now think, men, think!”

Professor Harold Hill’s desperate plea as he stands before his ill-prepared River City Boy’s Band with a broken pool cue for a director’s baton, is the iconic and ironic highlight of “The Music Man,” the endearing stage and film musical.

Having convinced the gullible parents that he could produce a band and taken their money for instruments and uniforms, the lovable con artist reluctantly turns to his own confidence scam, the “Think System,” in his desperate attempt to avoid the wrath of the townspeople as they are about to hear the not-so-melodious sounds of their children’s instruments.

Thinking actually had little to do with the scheme the professor devised. He was literally as well as figuratively handcuffed by a lack of musical know-how. Producing musical concord is a science, involving knowledge of the rules of harmony and their implementation. Ignorance of the principles and procedures ensures cacophony.

Health can be viewed in much the same way. Just like creating pleasing sound in music, producing harmony of mind and body is a thoughtful process, to say the least. You simply can’t skimp on quality thinking and sound reasoning when it comes to well-being.

Please click here to read the full article.


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My connection with an Olympic Coach


Listening to inspiring stories of athletes and watching competitions that have us cheering — the 2016 Olympics are here! Perhaps we will make vows of worthwhile goals in our lives — realizing the great discipline, years of dedicated time and resources it takes to accomplish what Olympic athletes do.

I once learned of another element of athletic excellence some may have considered.

Several years ago, our county wide running club hired an Olympic coach for just one day. Elite runners started at 8:00am. The rest of us were assigned an appointment based on individual time from from a recent 10K race. My group was last. Going around the table, each asked how to manage their various injuries while continuing to run. When my turn came, I asked how to be faster, as I had no injuries.

He replied, “No injuries? What are you thinking when you run?”

I told him that running is a time for me to ponder some Scripture that has touched me, to pray for my children and myself. Nodding in agreement, he gave me some training tips to increase my speed.

I cherished this mutual recognition of the power of our thoughts to impact our experience. But our session concluded without me having an opportunity to tell him that these prayers-on-the-go meant much more to me than positive thinking.

One time my foot twisted on a pothole while running. The next moment found me sprawled on the pavement! I had been studying Christian Science for some time, so I turned to God in prayer. I strove to understand His perfect nature and to see myself as His spiritual image and likeness, beyond the reach of any injury. I thought of God as divine Spirit, and me as the expression of Spirit. This brought a strong conviction that I could not be out of alignment with God because He is not out of alignment with us! I felt peaceful despite the circumstances and my running partner helped me up. I was able to jog home as usual with my running group.

That Olympic coach made a connection for me between my lack of injuries and what I was thinking. It’s a great start! But for me, it is even more than this — it is the act of listening for divine ideas as I go — ideas that affirm who I am, spiritually, that keeps me running strong. This is something I feel we can all take moments to do — in running, training, and in everyday life.

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Steep cost of hate completely erased by love

Recently, I ran across this fantastic article called “Steep cost of hate completely erased by love” written by my Texan colleague, Keith Wommack.  The story he shared with a message of forgiveness and hope spoke to me, and I hope it will speak to you as well.  Enjoy!


@Glowimages: Portrait of a boy smiling

@Glowimages: Portrait of a boy smiling

Hate is a cattle prod.  It finally nudges some over the brink to commit the kind of violent acts that have shocked us recently, both foreign and domestic.

You and I might know we’d never get pushed that far.  But what if we are nursing some unyielding disdain of our own?  Are we then helping to create a loveless environment ripe for justifying crime?

Experts and pundits might disagree on the answer to that, but what if we turned the question on its head and asked if rooting out hatred from our thinking can have a positive impact beyond our own peace of mind?

Besides it being a cattle prod, hate is a poison, and its antidote needs to be a remedy that reaches thought and radically transforms it.  And I have found prayer to be such an antidote, for certain forms of prayer steer and mold thought in a way which can, in turn, heal the body.

A friend’s experience shows both hate’s disturbing effects and how prayer can trigger a transformation.

Pat was a Registered Nurse and a new mother.  Unfortunately, her newborn son was paralyzed on his right side.  He also had a large tumor on his neck.  Doctors told Pat he wouldn’t live very long.  In order to care for him while he was still alive, Pat brought her son home.

But she also had something else on her mind…

To read the full article in the Houston Chronicle, click here.


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When aging is not decline









Prepare to witness a funny and poignant generational melt down:

This video is a part of the new #DisruptAging campaign by AARP, which aims to have people, “let go of their outdated beliefs and embrace the idea that aging is not about decline – it’s about growth.”

Aging is not about decline, it’s about growth.

Dr. Gillian Gill, noted biographer and professor, discovered this to be true when she had just lost her husband. She envisioned her life becoming smaller, retiring, spending more time in her garden. Then she was offered an opportunity to write a biography about a renowned 19th century Christian healer, Mary Baker Eddy.

At first Dr. Gill thought she would turn down the offer. Though not knowing much about Eddy, she decided to do a little research. Mary Baker Eddy’s life spoke to her to not give up. Gill imagined that with age one’s scope of interest would decline. But instead of declining from midlife on, Eddy’s range of activity and accomplishment multiplied as the decades passed!

She decided after all to write the biography to discover how Eddy did it. In a 1999 interview after the book was published, Gill said she saw “There was a double focus of practice and prayer worked out in Mary Baker Eddy’s life.”

Growth, spiritual growth, led Eddy to heal those who turned to her for prayer, author 17 books, start a pulitzer prize winning newspaper – The Christian Science Monitor – and found a worldwide church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Gill writes, “One of the secrets of Mary Baker Eddy’s astonishing life was, I believe…to let go of the past. As the events receded, she could look toward the future, with her energies unchecked by past failures.”

We all have the ability to #DisruptAging.

  • Where will spiritual growth lead you?

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