Can You Think Your Way To Better Health?

My colleague, Steven Salt, recently wrote this short piece that I wanted to share with you all.  He writes about the need to dig a little deeper and have a more substantive approach to health than just a good attitude and positive thinking.  As he points out, “You simply can’t skimp on quality thinking and sound reasoning when it comes to well-being.” I love the message he shares and I hope you will too!

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“Now think, men, think!”

Professor Harold Hill’s desperate plea as he stands before his ill-prepared River City Boy’s Band with a broken pool cue for a director’s baton, is the iconic and ironic highlight of “The Music Man,” the endearing stage and film musical.

Having convinced the gullible parents that he could produce a band and taken their money for instruments and uniforms, the lovable con artist reluctantly turns to his own confidence scam, the “Think System,” in his desperate attempt to avoid the wrath of the townspeople as they are about to hear the not-so-melodious sounds of their children’s instruments.

Thinking actually had little to do with the scheme the professor devised. He was literally as well as figuratively handcuffed by a lack of musical know-how. Producing musical concord is a science, involving knowledge of the rules of harmony and their implementation. Ignorance of the principles and procedures ensures cacophony.

Health can be viewed in much the same way. Just like creating pleasing sound in music, producing harmony of mind and body is a thoughtful process, to say the least. You simply can’t skimp on quality thinking and sound reasoning when it comes to well-being.

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