Women and Balancing the “Change of Life”



I’m delighted to share with you an article from my colleague Debra Chew. Enjoy!

My favorite act at the circus is the balancing act. You know, the guy walking the tightrope, balancing each step he takes so that he doesn’t lose his equilibrium and come crashing down. Sometimes life can make women feel like they are walking a tightrope and that the least change will take them off balance and they will come crashing down.

If we are experiencing the monthly ups and downs of  hormone imbalance or we are at that stage in life where it is going to shift big time, what can we do? Is there no way of managing this or permanently correcting it other than through chemicals? My experience tells me there is.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to prove it. I was emotional, I noticed a change in my weight, and some days I just didn’t feel like my usual happy self. Even though I was racing down life’s roads at a velocity suitable for a Porsche, my body felt more like a slow-moving mini-van… loaded down with a cargo of unfamiliar and uncomfortable passengers. Since I was unwilling to correct these “passengers” chemically, I knew I had to focus on my spiritual self. And, I was confident that I did not need to be a victim of ‘change’ and find and experience the balance I needed by turning to God.

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