Prayer as a mainstream health practice

A recent editorial in the Christian Science Monitor examined a disturbing shift in policy by the National Institutes of Health.  Their National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine which had issued the data on prayer collected in a 2002 survey on the use of prayer, decided not to issue data on prayer collected in 2007 claiming it is outside the mainstream.Contrary to the NIH assumption, a new study finds that prayer is a mainstream practice for health.  From the editorial, “…the University of Massachusetts Medical School… released a study last month that is the first to look at trends in the use of prayer for health concerns.  They saw a substantial increase from 13.7 percent of adults in 1999 to 49 percent only eight years later.”

Prayer as a mainstream health practice – life practice – to me means many are exploring what Biblical texts recorded.  We’re catching on to a trend that has been a continuous golden thread through out the ages.  Thank-you to Dr. Amy Wachholts, the psychiatrist at UMMS who with a fellow researcher published the study.  I look forward to following your continuing work.

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