Two Spiritual Treats, Not Tricks!

Halloween.  For children, yes, but why do adults celebrate it too? Well, it’s fun… “Halloween may be the biggest do-it-yourself holiday in America, where creative types turn their cars into Batmobiles and their jack-o’-lanterns into computerized Silly String squirters,” was the pre-amble to a recently aired NPR program, Geek out to freak out on Halloween
…And I would guess adults are looking for some treats too!  Those of you following my weekly posts may have noticed a definite link between spirituality and well-being.  Over the last few months, I’ve commented on several studies documenting the coincidence of prayer and health.  Here are two shared previously and brought together again:
·        University of Massachusetts Medical School released a study in May looking at trends in the use of prayer for health concerns –   saw an increase from 13.7% of adults in 1999 to 49% in 2007.
·        The authors of a book reporting on the Longevity Project, an 8 decade study of 1,500 Californians, that included a focus on religiosity, noted “We did uncover various hints of the health importance of a deeper meaning in life.  Those who developed catastrophizing, negative thought patterns were inclined to precipitous actions, injuries, accidents, suicides and related risks… You may have heard the old saw that says, ‘The best of Men cannot suspend their Fate; The Good die early, and the Bad die late.’ This turned out to be myth! Instead, we sum it all up by saying, “It is the Good ones who can actually help shape their fate; The Bad die early, and the Good do great.”

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