The Soul of Medicine: Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice

For many years now I have found that a regular practice of spirituality and prayer is a healthy way to enjoy life. Apparently I am not alone.  I am among those being chronicled in Harvard MedicalSchool professors John Peteet’s and Michael D’Ambra’s new book, The Soul of Medicine: spiritual perspectives and clinical practice.  They write, “Americans spend about $1.5 billion annually on books on spirituality and religion, and about 40 percent have sought out complementary and alternative therapies.”


This book seeks to help one understand more about the “relationships of the major traditions to modern medicine” through contributed essays on Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Eclectic Spirituality, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and “A Secular Perspective.”

Doctors Peteet and D’Ambra highlight the promising beginning of the “implementation of spirituality in clinical care”. Their work is part of a growing trend of books, articles and studies that are increasingly recognizing the importance of thought and spirituality to health and well being.

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