Thanksgiving..happy thanks-living!


Years ago I was struck by an article in my morning newspaper counseling not to be the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner! Apparently this holiday, more often than not, is fraught with the stress of an undercurrent of unresolved family issues.

A 19th century leader in a more spiritual approach to living and health, Mary Baker Eddy, was no stranger to adversity at home. She was the youngest of six siblings with a father known for his “iron will”. In a letter to a student she wrote, “Under affliction in the very depths, stop and contemplate what you have to be grateful for.”

Eddy discovered that gratitude lived, as well as making life more positive, often results in prayer that heals.

Many of us can relate in our own experience or a friend’s where finding gratitude helped to leap frog over something impossible to an unexpected good outcome. I have found that contemplating what I am grateful for in others (one might say thanks-living) has often led to forgiveness and common ground.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and join me in happy thanks-living!

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