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The First Relationship

It became an evening I’ll always remember.  I was at a business dinner seated next to an acquaintance I had always admired.  Neither of our spouses had been included.  He asked about my recent marriage.  I explained how unexpected my husband’s proposal was (we … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Day: Motivation for Reform

 This past year marked the culmination of a 15 plus year effort to honor the legacy of      Dr. Martin Luther King.  The dedication of his 4 acre, $120 million dollar (privately funded) memorial on the edge of the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. happened in August.  It’s theme … Continue reading

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A New Road to Health

Recently I watched the segment, “Is positive thinking the key to recovery?” on CBS Sunday Morning.  The program highlighted the chasm between those who had reversed a negative medical prognosis with positive thinking, alternative therapies, and prayer and those who … Continue reading

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Unsought Blessings

Having lunch with a friend the other day, I shared my bewilderment, “There’s been a pattern in my life of unforeseen events that though I tried to side-step them, actually turned out well.”  She was quiet for a moment, then … Continue reading

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