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My journey of faith and health as a Christian Scientist

This is my first occasional (once or twice a month) post for the new Hartford Faith and Values: Some of the most common misunderstandings people have are assumptions about the faith of others. I’m a Christian Scientist. Christian Science is … Continue reading

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Through the millennia, God as Mother

What are some of your favorite mothering or grandmothering traits?  The first one that comes to my thought is unconditional love.  And considering the Biblical passage, “God is Love”, in this post celebrating Mother’s Day, I thought it might be … Continue reading

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A Happy Thanksgiving

  Years ago I was struck by an article in my morning newspaper counseling not to be the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.  Apparently this holiday, more often than not, is fraught with the stress of an undercurrent of unresolved family … Continue reading

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My Journey into Christian Science

Many have found that one discovers – often through trials and tribulations – their own faith journey.  Some may travel in unexpected directions through the years, others deepen their understanding of what they’ve come to find nourishes their relationship with … Continue reading

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