Progress Results in Healing

On a business trip some years ago, I spent most of a morning in my hotel room lamenting the recent changes in my life.  Adjustments that were significant improvements, but what a lot of despair and frustration too!  And I had to go out right then and there prepared to conduct a statewide meeting with a sense of confidence and calm.  That’s when I had a rather simple epiphany – progress results in blessing.  With that new perspective in thought, my meeting was all I had hoped.  I had found to be true what I consider a universal principle, “…progress is the law of God”, remembered from a book, Science and Health with Key to Scriptures.  A heartening way, isn’t it, to think of change and behold a promise of something better on the horizon? 

Congratulations to for its growing website!  The last few weeks have included some blips in its accessibility.  There may be a few more inconveniences yet, but keep checking back. I look forward to sharing more with you on its web pages about the link between spirituality and well-being.

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