Key to a weight loss resolution that works



“Losing weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution. But it is also the most likely to get you ripped off: The Federal Trade Commission says that more people are defrauded through weight loss scams such as buying ‘miracle’ supplements, ‘easy’ exercising gizmos and ‘break-through’ diets than any other product category it monitors.” So warns the December 2013 AARP Bulletin.

Alright then, we’ve been forewarned that weight loss will not be a ‘miracle’, ‘easy’ or accomplished in a ‘break-through’ way.  Most traditional diets deal with food, exercise, and will power.  Apparently, some find help with these approaches. Many though find themselves in a yo-yo of weight loss/weight gain.

The London Daily Mail reported recently on a new German study that concludes praying helps people stay in control of their emotions and behavior. The latest study, by German psychologists at SaarlandUniversity and the University of Mannheim, found that praying helps people maintain self-control. “These results are consistent with and contribute to a growing body of work attesting to the beneficial effects of praying on self-control.”

What if a weight loss resolution is strengthened by a commitment to regular prayer?

Many are the titles to be found that address a prayerful or faith based diet. Examples include, “The Daniel Plan: 40 days to a healthier life”, “The Maker’s Diet”, and a companion to any weight loss program – “Finally thin! How I lost 200 hundred pounds and you can too”. One will find in them some mention of the biblical concepts, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” or “fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out.”  The personal experiences that these books share are a helpful guide in reading scriptural passages and applying them in one’s life.

Of course articles on this subject are even more plentiful than the books devoted to weight loss.  One of my favorites published in the Huffington Post Healthy Living section is, “One Man’s Journey from Obesity and Diabetes to Health”.  The author writes, “More health professionals are acknowledging the necessity of mental changes, not just physical ones…one of the best thought changers is prayer. It wasn’t about being willful. I prayed to God to have the strength and wisdom to make changes and follow through on them.”

Sounds like good advice for keeping any New Year’s resolution we might need to make!

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