It doesn’t matter where you were born or who you were born…

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Gathered for a summer enrichment program, a group of elementary school kids (considered disadvantaged), their high school mentors, and I were beginning the morning with a brief devotional.  The topic given us was Moses’ 10th Commandment paraphrased, “Be happy with what you have. Don’t wish for other people’s things.”

The first comments were about what their friends had, but they lacked – having an X-Box (video gaming system), money, a nice house, nice friends, etc. They concluded it wasn’t  possible not to wish for other people’s things!

I asked if they knew a certain part of our town with large, lovely, waterfront homes. They all nodded.  I went on to share with them that my husband and I like to bike around there.  After a ride one day we decided that God does not play favorites.  He loves us all so much.  We asked ourselves what we admired about that area.  Well, there were lovely gardens well cared for with beautiful flowers and always neatly trimmed.  The homes were also distinctive in the way they were painted and maintained.

What if we lived what we loved? We could take the examples of what we admired there and incorporate them into our modest home.

And I told them that for a number of years now that’s exactly what we’ve done.  Last year there were 3 houses listed for sale on our street.  I was out doing some yard work, when a man approached me.  He was interested in buying a home on my street. Walking through the neighborhood, he decided that my house was the one he wanted to buy.  Then he listed what he liked about it.  Yes, the qualities we had admired in that waterfront community and incorporated in our home were the very ones that attracted him.  I thanked him for the compliments – they really meant a lot though we were not interested in his offer!

At that point, a hand went up from one of the youngest children in the program.  He said, “Oh I get it!  It doesn’t matter where you were born or who you were born, God loves you just the same.”

One of the teen mentors began to clap. Within moments the entire group enthusiastically joined in, giving a rousing approval of the lad’s answer.

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