Health Care, Not Scare

Ever wish to take care of yourself with an expectation of well being rather than an anticipation of illness or decline?  If so, I’d like to share with you an excerpt of a not to be missed piece in the Huffington Post, Health Care, Not Scare, by my colleague Russ Gerber:

After reading Martha Rosenberg’s eye-opener on pharma’s latest marketing strategy for antidepressants, you might wish someone would come up with a cure for perpetually feeling at risk.  It isn’t that the selling of sickness is new…the fear factor is so commonplace today that it’s easily taken for granted. That’s why in the face of the aggressive marketing of risk — what Rosenberg calls a “whisper campaign” — it’s smart for those of us on the receiving end of advertising to amp up our alertness and not assume that presentation is reality, especially when what’s presented consistently aims to heighten, rather than eliminate, anxiety…

Rosenberg’s piece reminds us that it’s time to reclaim our right to have peace of mind, to expand our capacities rather than limit them, to raise our expectations rather than lower them, to experience more of the underlying reality of being that is the source of a naturally higher quality of life — and to consider that prayer, rather than antidepressants, is what reveals it.

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