Found: A book that delivers health and hope


       As a society, we are all trying to find health in our lives. It’s a constant topic of conversation.  From my posts, you may note that I am a Christian Scientist and believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer and experiencing its healing results. I’d like to share how a woman in the 1800s found health, then wrote a book to share her discovery.

             Mary Baker Eddy had fallen on ice, sustaining serious injuries.  Her doctor did not hold much hope for her recovery.  Her minister visited and left her with a Bible.  After pondering a passage she opened to, evidence of the injuries were gone.  The next 6 years she was called on to heal others.  One day Mary received a request to visit a woman bedridden with illness.  She knelt in prayer by the bedside.  Shortly the woman awoke refreshed and well.  Her doctor witnessing the physical transformation asked, “How did you do that?”  Mary replied, “I don’t know, it was God.”  The doctor then said, “You must write it in a book and give it to the world.” 

            The following 3 years she poured over her Bible for help in explaining this primitive Christian healing, the love Christ Jesus lived and practiced.  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, first published in 1875 by Eddy begins, “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite today is big with blessings.” Interestingly its last chapter, called Fruitage, delivers on the hope of that first sentence.  Indeed blessings abound there as Fruitage is comprised of thank-you notes chronicling the transforming effect of reading the preceding pages about God and one’s relationship to Him/Her.

            “I dipped my pen into my heart when I wrote this book,” Eddy commented to a student.  And one does feel that reasoning resonance of a conversation with a good friend.  Having read Science and Health myself, I too could write a contribution to Fruitage.  Mine would tell of how it has enhanced my appreciation for and understanding of the Bible.  It has lifted me far above my own grievances to experience at times renewal and healing too.  Some have found it as their last hope – delivered.

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