Ever wonder if there is a God?

    If you have, you’ve got company!  I’ve heard several say recently, “Where is God to allow – the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the barbarity of civil war in Libya, and much more – to happen?”  Elijah a Biblical prophet, wondered the same as he watched a great wind, an earthquake, and a fire pass by the mountain top where he was hiding from a death threat issued by an enemy. Then he heard a still, small voice.  He realized God didn’t cause those things, but was guiding him to his purpose, safety, and health inspite of human circumstances. 

  A new question may be, how do we hear that still, small voice (or angel thought or intuition) of God?  I was on a docent tour of the Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts home of Mary Baker Eddy.  In a passageway with a high shelf of knick-nacks, the docent paused and told me the following story.  Mary was a gracious hostess, who occasionally gave guests a tour of her home.  In this passage way with a small group she became silent as she listened to something.  Those in the tour, observing her, also stopped chatting as they tried to hear too. 

  There was a clock ticking on that shelf of knick-nacks.  When her guests had acknowledged that they also heard the ticking, Mary said, “And that is how still we must become to hear the voice of God.”  I shared this account with a friend. Two weeks later my friend said that she was lying in bed, in pain.  As she looked at the clock on her bedside table she remembered my story.  She tried to become still. Then she realized that her clock was electric and did not tick!  But that no longer mattered as she decided not to be distracted by the pain, but instead to listen to God.  And eventually she was comforted.  She felt better, slept through the night, and went to work the next day. 

  I think Psalm 46 sums up my post: “Our God says, Calm down, and learn that I am God…The LORD All-Powerful is with us.”

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5 Responses to Ever wonder if there is a God?

  1. Susan Collins.~ New York City says:


    Very comforting.
    Wonderful Bible story corroboration with Elijah.
    You’ve made it all so pertinent and easy to realize.

    Sincere thanks,

  2. A wonderful reminder to “be still”…a great way to start the work week…thanx Linda!

  3. Linda says:

    Interesting – thanks for sharing!

  4. Tracy says:

    I remember a pastor saying once that “God is in the silence”

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