Easter Joy: ‘the power of prayer that has helped so many’

Thank-you Eileen Fairweather, British freelance journalist, for your article in The Telegraph, “The power of prayer that has helped so many”.  For me it’s one reason for the joy I’ve always felt in celebrating Easter.



Eileen writes about the many readers who shared their personal ‘miracles’ after reading about her own prayer to give up smoking.  Her post begins,”Ten years ago, I begged God to help me do what I could not alone. Like millions of other smokers, I had struggled for years to quit and failed every time. Although a cradle Catholic, my prayers were rusty and I had only recently started going to church again.

Yet a strong and loving voice that I was certain belonged to God suddenly said, clear as a bell: ‘I will make this easy for you.’ I felt calm and free. I have not smoked since, nor wanted to. Unfortunately, the voice also said: But you have to tell people how I helped you.”

And she is currently writing a book that does just that – it will include her reader’s own healing experiences.  They too were impelled to continue living their prayers with steps that led to healthy lifestyles and freedom from addictive behaviors.

For those of us who have found freedom and transformation through prayer, Easter’s celebration of the resurrection of Jesus has special meaning.  I wish you the joy of the holiday and the hope of a life made new through prayer.

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