Better Leisure Time, Better Health


I think my colleague, Russ Gerber’s recent column for the Huffington Post certainly gives me something interesting to ponder this Labor Day – the connection between leisure and health.  You may find the entire piece here, Better leisure time, better health.  An excerpt to enjoy:

“Leisure is culturally misunderstood, says philosopher Joseph Pieper, who maintains that to receive the full benefit of time away from business and chores requires an ability to let things go, to be calm, and most of all to be receptive.

In his now-classic essay, “Leisure, the Basis of Culture,” Pieper explains:

“Leisure is the disposition of receptive understanding, of contemplative beholding, and immersion — in the real.”

The Psalmist saw the potential: “Be still and know that I am God” points to the higher level of consciousness one can attain in moments of genuine leisure, and just how real and fulfilling that spiritual idea of existence can be to us. It can profoundly change how we think about and care for ourselves and others.” more

Try it for yourself. Next weekend set the Blackberry aside for awhile (better yet, turn it off), walk away from the television, stay off the computer and do something life-changing. Open your thought to a diviner consciousness, one that is compassionate, at peace, and wholly good; one that is not a departure from reality but is a clearer sense of it. Experience leisure time unlike any other and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.”


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