A Misconception

My husband and I had settled into our airline seats to begin our trip home from Italy.  It was an early flight, 6:55am.  Sitting on the other side of me was a college coed.  She let out a deep sigh.  I asked if she was returning home from a semester abroad, having spent most of the night packing and saying good-bye.  Apparently glad we understood her situation, she began telling us about how wonderful her time in Florence had been.  My husband asked, “So did you pick up any Italian?”  She responded, “Oh, two or three but nothing really serious happened.”  There was a pause in the conversation. Then at about the same time we all laughed seeing that the answer had nothing to do with the intended question of learning the language.

Misconceptions often aren’t so easily recognized and corrected.  Recently I heard someone say about my faith – I am a Christian Scientist – that we’re the people who don’t go to doctors. Generally, a Christian Scientist’s first choice is to rely on prayer for healing, and in most cases, this means that a medical remedy is unnecessary. There is no biblical or church mandate to forgo medical intervention, nor do we believe that it’s God’s will that anyone suffer or die. A decision to rely on prayer comes from an understanding, not blind faith in God, and from experience that God’s care continues under every circumstance.

Back on the plane, the coed giggled a moment over her answer.  Then she told us that she was a creative writing major and this might make a good piece for an article.  My thoughts too!

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